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The SHAC Learning Hub – Fall 2020

Mondays – Thursdays, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm, the SHAC Learning Hub will be open for your children, ages 6-13. Your kids will spend the day with us doing their online work with tutoring, art projects and invent time, STEAM. developing a creative mind-space as well as enjoying small group, sanitized, socially-distant time with peers in the SHAC and outdoors when scheduling permits.

The Learning Hub program is based in Creative Enrichment with a foundation that art and creative release makes a child’s mind better able to study, engage effectively, and handle stress. Besides over 4 hours a day engaged in their online (virtual) learning for their school, each day your kids will also enjoy art, music (that can be done with face masks, so lots of percussion), mindfulness and a bit of doodling. We’ll work to our daily schedule and include plenty of time to “shake it off,” and reset. Weather permitting, they will get needed outdoor time. We hope to take the kids to Central Park. However, since we will have a range of schedules and teacher check-ins we have to meet, our outdoor time may be in our safely cordoned off parking lot for supervised chalking and stretching, and we may not always make it to the Park.

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The cost for a day in the SHAC Learning Hub is $65. That’s a great value at just over $7/hour for a full day of tutoring and creative enrichment! After-care charges will be additional. To best meet your ever-changing needs, signups will be by day for a month. You will sign your child up for a “Month of Wednesdays in September,” or a “Month of Tuesdays in October.”

There’s a 10% discount on second or third children from families.

Your child will bring their technology–whatever they need to perform their work. They will also need a lunch, snack, water bottle and a hoodie or jacket for cool days.

Supporting information on the benefits of art here. The benefits of doodling and how they help focus the mind are well documented, including here. Mindfulness for kids helps them better focus and cope with stress. More on that here, here and here.