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Online Classes

Free Art Instruction in Online Classes from virtualSHAC and VFAA Artist Instructors

Join Artist Instructor Morgan Cooney on a Journey to Draw Your Dragon – LIVE classes coming soon!
Acclaimed watercolorist, Jeanne DeHaan shares her expertise in upcoming online classes for the virtualSHAC. Enjoy this preview loaded with Get-Started tips!
Paint along with SHAC Artist Instructor Stephanie Spackman to create your own wonderful palm tree moonlight acrylic piece! Steff will have online classes in virtualSHAC soon.
Inspirational Artist Instructor, Michael Todoroff will teach Plein Air techniques online in virtualSHAC. Coming soon!

VFAA YouTube Channels to Follow

Join local, VFAA Artist Tamera Menard Ovall on YouTube

Join local, VFAA Artist Tamera Menard Ovall in Studio Tamera The Mystical Paintress on YouTube. Tammy has a range of new, online lessons to guide you on an artistic and spiritual journey. These are really great for opening your creativity, and reducing stress during times of unease.

Free Classes from Other Places.

LIVE videos on Facebook at 3pm each day. A range or art classes, topics, tips and more from Streamline Art Video.

Art classes from Studio Incamminati. The school was deemed one of the best art schools in America and is accredited by the prestigious National Association of Schools of Arts and Design. Founder, Nelson Shanks, was a world-renowned artist and educator famous for his portraits of international luminaries ranging from Pope John Paul II to Princess Diana to the four female Supreme Court justices.

New York’s Museum of Modern Art is offering online classes in a range of topics. Check them out today!

Free online classes from Harvard University.

Learn how to make face masks, more from the CDC recommendations or join JoAnn’s effort to supply face masks to medical personnel.