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Covid-19 Safety & Response Plan

SHAC Covid-19 Policy and References

The following policies are based upon law of the State of Michigan through Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Executive Orders, sound recommendations from CDC on personal prevention and safety and community prevention and safety and Michigan OSHA using best practice as defined by all. See MDHHS infographic here.

The SHAC adheres to the latest MDHHS Executive Orders as the primary recommendation for keeping everyone safe. State Orders must be followed over Federal guidelines.

  • Everyone at the SHAC and who enters the SHAC must wear a face mask in the SHAC, hallways and rest rooms until Michigan Executive Orders say otherwise.
  • SHAC employees and instructors will wear masks, and do a COVID-19 health check-in daily.
  • The SHAC will clean and sanitize all supplies, surfaces and areas that were used on a daily basis.
  • The SHAC is set up for and will maintain 6 foot social-distancing, until otherwise mandated.
  • Gatherings in the SHAC cannot exceed 25. Class sizes and seating for events or parties cannot exceed 18.

This document will be updated as Executive Orders, expected protocols and recommendations change.

Safety During SHAC Art Camps

All Art Camps follow the Covid-19 Executive Orders posted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as of April 19, 2021. We follow all Orders, and for these classes, also the Orders specific to camp*.

State orders supersede CDC and other Federal orders. Classes are small sized, maximum 15-18, and socially distant. Face masks are required throughout the building, including in hallways and bathrooms. Thank you for your shared respect.

Please do not come to the SHAC if you or your child feels sick or has been exposed to Covid-19 or any virus. We will be here when you’re well. For all art classes, please use plenty of soap and water when washing up and washing your hands. We have plenty of hand sanitizer and it’s encouraged often.

*From MDHHS Executive Orders of April 19, 2021:


  1. “Camp” means a day, residential, travel, or troop camp for children (as defined by Rule 400.11101(1)(q) of the Michigan Administrative Code).”

“7. Face mask requirement at gatherings.

A person responsible for a child care organization or camp, or an agent of such person, must not allow gatherings unless:

  1. Face masks are worn by all staff;
  2. A good faith effort is made to ensure that children aged 2 to 4 years wear a mask when participating in gatherings;
  3. All children 5 years and older wear a mask when participating in gatherings.”

For more information please review the links above. If you have questions, please call the SHAC at (248) 797-3060 or email shac@milfordvfaa.org.